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Long Distance Caregiving can be challenging—and one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. No one is ever fully prepared to help a family member through a difficult illness, and aging issues, let alone prepare their loved ones for death. In today’s world many are called upon to help from afar—children, nieces or nephews, siblings and even friends. There are many “how to” books out there on caregiving but few share their story—the raw emotions, the exhaustion—but that show how, in the end, the caregiver gains wonderful gifts and a deepened love and understanding for those they help.In her first book for adults, Caroline H. Sheppard shares her story of how she was called to oversee the care for five family members over a fifteen year period (from 1999 to 2014). Due to the physical distance between those in need and herself, she learned the ups and downs and ins and outs of long distance care and how challenging and rewarding it can be."Finally! A beautifully written caregiver's memoir, filled with insight, heart and tons of practical information. Caroline shows us what a tough balancing act—both emotional and physical—we've either chosen or been called on to undertake. It’s not just another how-to book. Caroline shows us by example—the how-to is a bonus takeaway delivered through a compelling story that’s hard to put down."Adrienne GrubergPresident/Founder,The Caregiver Space, Inc. “The journey she takes us on, the stories she tells us compels us to lis...

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