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In research performed I watched to present methods of classification of loans and methods of establishing internal ratings within the banks. The result of the method of classifying assets consists in identifying good quality loans and their separation by the nonperforming loans. I also conducted an analysis of the situation of currency risk in case of the commercial banks. Thus I determined a set of indicators that can be measured both at the level of territorial units as well as the level of Central Bank. Another important issue addressed in the paper is the importance of ensuring solvency of the bank in overtaking difficulties generated by the financial crisis. In the chapter relating to the measurement the risk of interest rate I identified a technique used in banking to reduce interest rate risk, named GAP model or model of discrepancy between assets and liabilities of banks. In terms of reduction of the liquidity risk I presented a method that allows monitoring the indicators of liquidity on maturity bands. In the chapter concerning to management of the operational risk I presented a new method for managing this type of risk, respectively the insurance of operational risk.
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